Hi everyone,

My name is Milla (she/her) and I am a 22 years young autistic trans lady from the UK. I was diagnosed as autistic at a very young age and then with ADHD around five years later. I also am self-diagnosed with Tourettes.

I made this blog in the hope I could share my experiences and perspectives as an autistic trans lady. I initially started out talking exclusively about autism but have since broadened out. This includes discussion on being LGBTQ+ and other topics that arose since I realised more about myself.

I realised I am trans at the age of 20 after what I now know was years of signs I missed. I have come out and socially transitioned as of August 2019 (I’m now 22) and I’ve never been happier. I am still learning how my gender identity has affected me over the years.

My main interests include writing, politics, traveling and video games, especially niche video games. All these may be talked about here. I would like to publish a book as well as possibly do video adaptations of some of my posts.

I am still adjusting to blogging but I hope to make some meaningful contributions to the world and help educate more people about this. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Best wishes,

Milla x

P.S.: You can follow me on Twitter under the name @subtlykawaii.

Here is my Carrd for a more personal bio.