Hi everyone,

My name is Milla (she/they) and I am a trans autistic femme from the UK. I was diagnosed with autism at a very young age and then further diagnosed with ADHD around five years later. I also am self-diagnosed with Tourettes and PTSD.

I made this blog in the hope I could share my experiences and perspectives as an autistic trans femme. I initially started out talking exclusively about autism but have since broadened out. This includes discussion on being LGBTQ+ and other topics that arose since I realised more about myself.

My main interests include writing, disability issues, politics and video games, especially Japanese games. All these may be talked about here. I would like to publish a book as well as possibly do video adaptations of some of my posts.

I am still adjusting to blogging but I hope to make some meaningful contributions to the world and help educate more people about this. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Best wishes,

Milla x

P.S.: You can follow me on Twitter under the name @subtlykawaii.

Here is my Carrd for a more personal bio.