Hi everyone,

I go by the name Subtle on the internet. I am a non-binary (they/them) LGBTQ+ autistic university student from the UK. I was diagnosed with autism at a very young age and then further diagnosed with ADHD around five years later.

I made this blog in the hope I could share my experiences and perspectives on various issues relating to neurodiversity (ND), life and more in order to raise acceptance of ND. The focus will be on ND, my experiences being LGBTQ+ and other relevant topics.

As I (currently) present male and was raised as male, many of my experiences will be influenced by this background. I also have experience living in a foreign country for a study abroad year, surviving an abusive, narcissistic parent as well as other notable things I may also discuss.

My main interests are neurodiversity and video games, especially Japanese role-playing games. I also have interests in politics and writing. All three topics may be talked about here in the future with some level of relevance to autism. I would also like to self-publish a book someday.

I am still new to blogging about neurodiversity but I hope to make some meaningful contributions to the world and help educate more people about this. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Best wishes,


P.S.: You can follow me on Twitter under the name @subtlykawaii.

My Listography can be found here if you would like a more personal, less autism-specific take.