Life and Blog Update – August 2019

In this post, Milla gives an update about her life as well as her blog for August 2019. Image description: Image is a drawing of a woman with shoulder length curly brown hair and glasses holding her hand up to do a peace sign. She is wearing purple headphones, a pink blouse and a badge with the neurodiversity symbol on it. Towards the top of the image are black flowers. In the background is the trans flag.

REVIEW: Uncomfortable Labels

In this post, Milla reviews the recently released book "Uncomfortable Labels" by Laura Kate Dale. (Image description: A white label on a blue fabric. The fabric has black text on it that says "Uncomfortable Labels: My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman." The author's name, Laura Kate Dale is written below as well as the letter "M.")

Crowdfunding and Trust

In this post, Milla talks about the problems with crowdfunding and how it can affect minorities inspired by her experiences backing company Kickstarters. Featured image description: Image is of a group of people from various ethnic backgrounds.