Passing and Masking

In this post, Milla discusses a link between the trans concept of passing and the autism concept of masking. (Featured image description: A white, adult woman with long, curly brown hair with her head on her hand. The background is brown)

A Festive Ramble

In this post, Subtle rambles about their experiences with the festive period.

(CN: abuse, trauma, gaslighting, mention of bullying)

(Featured image description: Image is of a stereotypical Christmas setting. There is a brown fireplace in the middle, a Christmas tree to the left and a green armchair to the right.)

The Meaning of Family

In this post, Subtle talks about what they believe defines family.

(Featured image description: A family of four are jumping up off the grass while facing the sun. Bright sunlight shines down on them. The shadows of them, and a tree is towards the bottom of the image.)