Crowdfunding and Trust

In this post, Milla talks about the problems with crowdfunding and how it can affect minorities inspired by her experiences backing company Kickstarters. Featured image description: Image is of a group of people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Yes, Games Are For Everyone

In this post, Milla talks about their experiences with games accessibility in light of recent events surrounding a game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Featured image description: Image is of a samurai in front of a burning Japanese-style temple. Text at top says "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice" whereas the text on the bottom says "Take revenge. Restore your honour. Kill ingeniously."

Assessment Centres and Initial Thoughts

As part of my preparation for life after I graduate, I have been spending some time throughout my last year at university learning about the graduate recruitment system that I would have to deal with to get a job at a major employer. The workshop I attended recently was about assessment centres and what I would have to deal with. (cont.)

(Image is of a person in a suit holding a handbag leaping towards a hill with the word "JOB" on it at sunset.)

Passing and Masking

In this post, Milla discusses a link between the trans concept of passing and the autism concept of masking. (Featured image description: A white, adult woman with long, curly brown hair with her head on her hand. The background is brown)

A Festive Ramble

In this post, Subtle rambles about their experiences with the festive period.

(CN: abuse, trauma, gaslighting, mention of bullying)

(Featured image description: Image is of a stereotypical Christmas setting. There is a brown fireplace in the middle, a Christmas tree to the left and a green armchair to the right.)

Subtly Subjective #03 – Utawarerumono Mask of Deception/Mask of Truth

In this post Subtle talks about their experience with an obscure visual novel duology and related thoughts about otaku culture and masking.

(Featured image description: Image contains a masked white male looking into a mirror. The mirror is being held by two women with shoulder length hair. The woman on the left is white, the other a POC. Text on the bottom right says "UTAWARERUMONO MASK OF TRUTH (C) 2017 (C) AQUAPLUS (C) ATLUS (S) SEGA. All rights reserved.")

Noise Cancelling Liberation

In this post, Subtle discusses a trial run they did of their new noise-cancelling headphones at the recent People's Vote March.

(Image is of two old women holding yellow signs saying "Europe Innit! Defend Free Movement". The woman on the left is standing in front of a red phone box.)